San Juan River at Mexican Hat

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This site is designed as a one stop source for viewing San Juan River flow and diversion data between Navajo Reservoir, NM and Mexican Hat, UT. Flow data is retrieved on demand from the USGS.  Reservoir data comes from the USBR.  This data is retrieved daily and stored in our database. All data on this site should be considered provisional unless otherwise noted.

During the irrigation season, real-time diversion data for the Hogback and Fruitland diversions are uploaded via satellite every hour and made available to us by by the USGS. We automatically retrieve the data every hour. Equipment used in collection and telemetry of diversion data are maintained by the Navajo Nation.

This site is maintained by Keller-Bliesner Engineering through a contract with Bureau of Indian Affairs as part of the Navajo Indian Irrigation Project Environmental Compliance Commitments.

We would like to express our thanks to both the US Geological Survey and the US Bureau of Reclamation for making hydrology and reservoir data available to the public.